A petting zoo for unicorns and dragons?

Free The Impossible Zoo presents an interactive petting-zoo experience filled with legendary creatures like Unicorns and Dragons. Using cutting-edge holographic animation technology, visitors are transported in to the mysterious Land of Privoz, where it appears that something isn’t quite right with The Impossible Zoo! Explore the immersive augmented reality playground, interact with every creature, and discover how you can help free them from something quite impossible! Can you free them all before the time runs out? No experience required – perfect for groups and families.

  • Featuring 10 Legendary larger than life creatures each with their own lore and quest.
  • Ability to explore an interactive story with special rewards for full completion.
  • High definition graphics rendered by the same holographic headsets used by NASA!
  • Exclusive Free The Impossible Zoo themed merchandise and NFT collection available on site.

Experience world's most advanced holographic headsets!

Explore the award winning immersive augmented reality experience with your family, friends, or work group. Fun for all ages and zero nausea thanks to space-age technology used by NASA!

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Your time slot and party size, be sure to look at our packages!



And our staff will help you equip one of our headsets



The zoo for 30-60 minutes of interactive adventure!



Your experience for a chance to win free passes!

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Discover the secrets of The Impossible Zoo!

The Legend of Privoz and the story of how an unlikely party of verse walkers would band together and Free the Impossible Zoo.
In the Interdimensional Bazaar of Privoz, things are not always as they seem.
How could Illusia, the Opal Dragon of myth, find herself in The Impossible Zoo?
And what part do you play in this story?
Who will help you along the way?
The magic of eternity is the key to entering Privoz.
The Bazaar exists beyond the rainbow, outside of time, and in between space.
As a gathering place for those with nowhere and everywhere to go.
Privoz appears when the planets align but verse walkers can visit as they please.
A convergence of verses, each with their own stories to unfold.
The prism of realities.
When the weaving begins.
Neon fire takes flight.
The sky opens up.
To the beginning of infinity.
The celebration burns bright through the night.
The miracle of a storm lotus blooming, some would say an impossible sight.
Impossible creatures caught in impossible ways
The Impossible Zoo is an impossible place.
Can imaginary friends free imaginary binds?
Verse Walkers go faster alone.
Verse walkers go further together.
Some believe in luck and some make their own.
Wheels made of luck go furthest by far.
The inventions of wizards.
The magic engine is more art than science.
Spirit fire is more science than art.
The Zoo Keeper’s Tower
The Zoo Keeper Zeus
Upon the rainbow road, a pride of Unicorns can be seen.
Lulacorn, the greatest of all Unicorns, leads the pack with ease.
Under the watchful gaze of the Uni-sphynxes.
Into the Palace of The Unreal Garden.
Past the countless crystalline facets of The Timeless Guardian,
And through the third eye of a dreaming alien.
Reality atop the back of the World Turtle floating weightlessly above The Impossible Zoo.

What people are saying!

“I couldn’t believe it, it was like a fantasy novel come to life!” -Sharon M.
“My whole family loved it.” - Michael B.
“Unbelievable, my favorite was the Unicorn!” - Lula P.

The Venue

Free The Impossible Zoo is coming to the Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is a monumental structure located in the Marina District of San Francisco, California, originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition to exhibit works of art. Completely rebuilt from 1964 to 1974, it is the only structure from the exposition that survives on site.


Monday         10am-6pm
Tuesday         Closed
Wednesday  10am-6pm
Thursday      10am-6pm
Friday           10am-6pm
Saturday      10am-6pm
Sunday        10am-6pm


3601 Lyon St.,
San Francisco, CA 94123

Business Phone



We are located inside the building, please enter to the north and you will see our staff.



There is ample free parking behind the Palace of Fine Arts.

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